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Frequenty Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions




You can provide your own stationery. This will however, delay the processing time. The alternative would be that you give us the design and we print your stationary.


Can I spread out my payment? Yes. If you order any of our subscriptions, you first pay 25% upfront and the rest is divided into equal payments up to a month before your last shipment. If you order three subscriptions and you send the shipment once every two months, your remaining payment wuill be divided into five equal payments.


Are the handwriting actual handwritten? Yes we do not use computer fonts.


Do you have a minimum order? Yes 50 is our minimum.


Do I get the same writer every time? Only in the Platinum package and the processing time will run from 10 to 15 days depending on quantity.


Can you the letters directly to our office? Yes.


Does your prices include stamp? Yes.


Can I get letters without stamps shipped to me? Yes we will just discount the cost of the stamps.


Who writes the letters? We provide jobs to single moms, teachers and artists at our office in India to write our letter that is why our services are the most affordable. The cost of living in India is cheaper than that of US. We pay our writers well by indian standard and pass the savings to our clients.


What type of stationery do you use? We use highest quality stationery.


Who signs the letters? We signed by writing your name and not your signature. We do not forge signatures. If you want, we can send you the written letters for your to sign.


Can I see proof of the letter? We scan all letters in the silver, gold and platinum packages and can provide them to you.

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